About Us

In our country and around the world with growing energy needs of the population and in the mean time, in order to minimize the environmental impact as BAOS Inc. we find creative and efficient solutions in the field of energy. By using high technology in national and international projects of high quality, we offer innovative and competitive solutions.

Research of the innovation by making applications, by convertings table success is the most important philosophy, what makes BAOS Inc. different. We provide services with our ability to design, engineering, know-how, corporate structure of our production power of our brand and our policy of a strong financial structure in accordance with the design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning while keeping at the foreground of human value to you, our valuable customers, we can make a difference in every project.

With our in-house manufacturing Gas Stations, Station Equipments, Generator fuel refilling systems, Industrial automation, Tank production, Steel construction-Construction fields , we provide world-class service to the fuel distribution companies and reputable construction companies with-in national and international projects

We enjoy continued business with the major petroleum companies in the World due to our commitment to quality and healthy and safety.

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